Word from the Ambassador Mr. Mubarak Bin Nasser Bin Mubarak Al-Khalifa

I would like to express my gratitude and say that I am honored to be appointed as an Ambassador of my country in Georgia, in the country which has friendly ties with the State of Qatar; and our common interests highly contributed to further development of the relations between the two countries. 

The doors of the embassy will be open to our Georgian friends to build together bridges of rapprochement and cooperation and a prosperous future for our future generations, a future of tolerance and peace.

I would like to extend my sincere thanks and gratitude to the visitors of this site. We do hope that the site will become the window through which the Embassy's activities are clearly visible. We also welcome all views and opinions, constructive proposals and comments that could contribute to the site development.


Mubarak Bin Nasser Bin Mubarak Al-Khalifa

Information: Qatar's ambassador in Georgia, from 07/08/2015.


Academic Qualification and Date 

  • 14/12/1998 - MA in Political Sciences from Al-Manar University in Tunisian Republic
  • 1997 -BA in Management and Economy from the University of Qatar 

Work Experience

  • 01/08/1998 – 05/08/1999 – worked at the Department of Financial and Administrative Affairs;
  • 06/08/1999 – 24/08/2001 – Embassy of the State of Qatar  in Tripoli;
  • 25/08/2001 – 28/10/2007 –Embassy of the State of Qatar  in Tunis;
  • 29/10/2007 – 14/08/2009 –Embassy of the State of Qatar  in Rome;
  • 23/08/2009 – 14/11/2009 – Department of Arab Affairs;
  • 15/11/2009 – 04/11/2011 – Office of the State Minister of Foreign Affairs;
  • 05/12/2011-26/07/2015 – Office of the Assistant Minister for International Cooperation;
  • Represented the State of Qatar in a number of international forums;
  • Participated in numerous seminars and conferences;
  • Since 27/07/2015 – Ambassador of the State of Qatar in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Current Diplomatic Status


Marital Status

Married and has two boys and three girls